Not sure if Osteopathy is for you?

As Charminster Osteopathy is a new practice I have decided not to charge for the initial consultation, the first time I see a patient.

This means that if you are unsure whether or not Osteopathy is the right choice, you can come along and explain your condition.

I have to ask you some relevant questions and I may briefly examine the area of the pain in order to understand your discomfort and importantly, to make sure that I feel I can help.

I will then explain why I think you are in pain, and if I think Osteopathy can help. You then decide whether or not to proceed and, if at this stage you are still unsure you may walk away free of charge. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment then I charge 30 per session, which usually lasts about 30 minutes.

With some ailments you may have to dress down to your underwear in order for treatment to begin, in others loose clothing will be appropriate. Some people will bring shorts; ladies often wear sports bras as this makes them feel more comfortable. You will be invited to lie on a treatment table where the treatment will be performed.

The key to successful treatment lies in careful and accurate diagnosis along with the skilful application of Osteopathic technique to treat the underlying cause of a condition. When you visit Charminster Osteopathy, a full medical history will be taken, an examination performed and then, if you choose, a treatment given. The musculoskeletal assessment will be considered alongside lifestyle factors and a suitable treatment plan will be determined. A complete explanation is given, along with advice, including exercise and lifestyle changes, to all patients to prevent a recurrence of their problem. If other treatment is thought to be necessary, referral to an appropriate specialist is discussed.

What is Osteopathy?

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